Institutional culture has historically marginalized Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities, and the Grandville Avenue neighborhood is no exception. At Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities, we push against that culture and engage with our neighbors through the arts and humanities to cultivate curiosity, creativity, and trusting relationships in ways that validate them as they forge new pathways.

The Cook Arts Center provides access to a variety of artistic disciplines. Programs at the Arts Center celebrate the creativity and culture of the neighborhood. They help to unlock our students’ creative energy and joy, allowing a chance for youth and families to find different paths of self-expression. We use the arts to create spaces of care and belonging and work hard to provide experiences that help shape positive self-identities, promote self-awareness and help youth develop social and emotional intelligence.

The Cook Library Center is a community resource hub located in the heart of the Grandville Avenue neighborhood. Our staff is here to make sure neighbors have access to critical library services like wifi, computers, faxing, printing, and a catalog of books and other media. More importantly, we are here to create a space where learning and growth are encouraged and supported through care and trusting relationships.

Contract Services

Interested in hiring out our artists? We do contract services for hire! We also rent out our buildings for events, study rooms, and other potential reasons! We also help companies and organizations host events at our facilities.

Library Services

Computer and internet access, technology assistance, borrow a hotspot, borrow books and other media, copying and printing services, connect with community resources.

Collaborative School Day Program

Schools, universities, and other organaizations contact us about putting together a day where your students/staff can put on a class for our students.

Our Members

Membership is free! When you become a member you will be able to participate in programs at both of our facilities! Members can register for programs like After School Arts, Cook Library After School, Summer Arts & Learning, Girls Rock! Grand Rapids, and more.

All of our program registration is free for anyone who lives within the Roosevelt Park or Black Hills Neighborhood boundaries, or attends one of our neighborhood schools, Cesar E. Chavez Elementary School and Southwest Community Campus. If you don’t live within our boundaries or attend a neighborhood school, registration fees for each program will vary.

Click here to see a map of our Grandville Avenue Neighborhood boundaries.