Identity Guide


There are several different aspects the brand uses throughout application, this includes: imperfect shapes, doodles, paint strokes, student drawings, and photography.

Sun Ray

This ray represents a component that makes up the entirety of the main logo. It can be used for containing text or for decoration.

Imperfect Circles

Ray Pattern

Doodles Lines & Headers

Select from a range of small, medium, and large doodle lines that fit the heading text best.

Doodle Lines

Paint Decoration

Paint Blobs (top) and Paint Strokes (bottom)

Art Gallery

The drawings used consist of pieces of art work done by students from the ages of 5–18 years old.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

All Colored Photos

Full colored photos are primarily used throughout application, they are commonly presented within the imperfect circle.

Grayscale Photos

The primary use for grayscale photos is for the board member photos, other than that, full-colored photos should be used.

When and where to use certain file types.
For PRINT materials please use:

  • EPS
  • PSD
  • TIFF
  • PDF

Print materials consist of letterhead, business cards, flyers, and schedules.

For WEB/DIGITAL materials please use:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • SVG

Web materials consist of social media, website assets, emails, and etc.