Quienes somos

Quienes somos

Our board and staff recognize the life-changing power of reading and the arts. With the help of many talented artists and committed volunteers and community members, we strive to provide an environment of care and belonging for children and adults living in the Grandville Avenue neighborhood, and beyond. Watch this video to see more.

Nuestro equipo

Steff Rosalez

Director ejecutivo

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(920) 659-6966

Eleanor moreno

Director de Operaciones

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(616) 742-0692 x1104

Jes Kramer

Director financiero

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(616) 742-0692 x 1102

Vanessa Cervantes

Cook Arts Center Family y
Coordinador voluntario

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(616) 742-0692 x1100

Gaby Favela

Cook Library Center
Coordinadora de Familia y Voluntarios

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(616) 475-1150

Kate Glossop

Centro de Artes Cook
Director del programa

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(616)742-0692 x1105


Cook Library Center
Coordinador de primaria

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(616) 475-1150

Armonía Nguyen

Coordinadora del Programa de Cerámica y STEAM de Cook Arts Center

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(616)742-0692 x1107

Esme garcia

Asistente de biblioteca de Cook

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Raquel rodriguez

Cook Library Center
Coordinador académico

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(616) 475-1150

Nuestra Junta

Jim Foerster

Board President

State Farm Insurance


“I am proud to a part of the GAAH team. I am in awe of the dedication and commitment each staff member brings to the families we serve. I love seeing the smiles this brings to the children’s faces.”
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Marlene Kowalski-Braun

Vice President
Universidad Estatal de Grand Valley
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“I wanted to spend my time walking alongside an organization that was committed to equity. GAAH uses an equity lens in all it does. It elevates the voices of neighbors, works to create the conditions for their thriving, and specifically invests in youth in the community – an investment in the future.”

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Scott Harris

Huntington Bank

“I enjoy seeing young people find direction in life, something to pursue and learn about themselves.”

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Tony Baker

Ferris State University

“GAAH is the most representative organization in this neighborhood. Advocacy, teaching, encouraging creativity are only a few of the ways that children and families are impacted by GAAH.”

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Tim Ellens

Calvin University

“GAAH is a great story! Who doesn’t want to be a part of that? I get to help choose the words that tell that story as a board member, and I also get to get to know and learn from the great people that make up the staff and board. Witnessing the vibrance of this community is the reward.”

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Tina Bain

Community Volunteer
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“I am a passionate believer in the importance of arts to individual and community wellbeing. I marvel at how far the organization, staff, and community have come and am very proud of the work and contributions being made. Being part of GAAH is one of the most inspiring things I do these days!”

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Ricardo Benavidez

Ktisis Capital

“I instantly fell in love with the work of GAAH – the neighborhood and vast intersection of identities the organization serves is inspiring. I have witnessed and am excited by the organization’s and staff’s potential to affect systemic change in the Roosevelt Park neighborhood specifically and the philanthropic sector broadly.”

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Marlene Hernandez

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Briana Trudell

Grand Rapids Public Library
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“GAAH is an established, grassroots organization that goes above and beyond to support the community in which they serve in more ways than just their programming and services.”

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Diana Schad

Family Business Alliance
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“I love GAAH’s connection to the community and ability to engage kids and adults of all ages in art, music, dance, and the humanities. It is a tremendous resource for the Roosevelt Park area, and continues to be innovative in its support and programming.”

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Key Characteristics

Eager to learn and unlearn

We are willing to lean into discomfort to better understand each other and those we serve.

Accountable to the team

We build trust and community by taking responsibility for our actions even when good intentions have negative consequences.

Committed to the neighborhood

We cultivate a flourishing neigh- borhood by practicing reciprocity and listening well.

Key Actions

Calling out injustice

We help make things work for our neighbors by challenging systems, cultural norms and personal biases.

Engaging with youth

We actively support and interact with the young people we serve

Sharing joy

We express and celebrate the things that bring joy, the good in others, and the good in situations.