Aerial Tactic

Aerial Tactic is a breakdance crew of the Cook Arts Center. The group began in 2012 when a group of five students who learned to breakdance in classes at the Cook Arts Center wanted to take their passion for dancing to the next level. They worked together to create their own routines, their own logo, and their own style of breaking. For $100 they can perform at your event, private party or school. To schedule an Aerial Tactic performance please call Steffanie at 616-742-0692 or email 

Andy Angelo Press Club

The Andy Angelo Press Club is a program of GAAH and the GR Creative Youth Center. It provides youth in the Grandville Avenue neighborhood with the opportunity to find, develop and share their creative voices and improve their writing skills in a real-world setting while also exploring and experiencing events, cultural institutions, and a variety of other activities in West Michigan. Being a member of the Press Club not only empowers youth by helping them develop their sense of self, but it encourages them to become creative problem solvers, enhances their communication and writing skills, and increases their chances of continuing higher education. The Press Club is also an avenue for raising awareness about local events and happenings that are important to actual members of the local community.

Press Club members travel around West Michigan to events, cultural institutions, and other activities to gain insight about their community and write articles to share their perspectives and their thoughts on their experiences. Their articles are then published on the GAAH Bureau page of The Rapidian, an online news source intended to increase the flow of local news and information in the Grand Rapids community and its neighborhoods.


PHONE: 616-742-0692
FAX: 616-742-5499