“I want to do something to make a real difference!”

These are the words of Noemi who lives in the Grandville Avenue neighborhood. Noemi is extremely hardworking and ambitious. She is at the top of her class, is a blossoming photographer, and dreams of being governor one day.

Because Noemi shows such promise as a young leader, Program Director Steffanie Rosalez has recommended her for numerous programs and opportunities throughout the city, including the Mayor's Youth Council, The Rapidian’s “Elevating Voices” project, and the Calling All Colors program at her school. But that is not enough for this determined young lady. “I want to do more,” Noemi says.

Noemi is a participant in the Teen Leaders in the Arts program that was launched at the Cook Arts Center in 2014. In addition to helping gifted young people like Noemi express themselves through the arts, this unique program provides them with valuable work experience and prepares them to be tomorrow’s leaders. You can learn more about Teen Leaders in the Arts by clicking here or reading the archived copy of our 2014 newsletter.

GAAH is dependent on the vision and generosity of good friends like you to provide life-changing programs like Teen Leaders in the Arts at the Cook Arts Center and Library Scholars at the Cook Library Center. We are grateful for your past support, and we ask that you help us continue this wonderful journey of art, education, community, and culture with a year-end gift.

On behalf of the hundreds of children and teenagers in the Grandville Avenue neighborhood who benefit from GAAH’s programs each year, we thank you for making a difference in their lives.

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